Maria Rogers, преподаватель английского языка

rogers1Мария Роджерс, Суартмор Колледж, бакалавр гуманитарных наук, курсы подготовки преплдавателей «i-to-i» сертификат на право преподавания английского языка как иностранного TEFL, TESOL

Hello! My name is Maria Rogers. I am half-American, half-Brazilian. I grew up overseas in Ghana and Indonesia. I love learning languages and majored in Russian at Swarthmore College near the city of Philadelphia. I believe studying different languages can open your mind to new ways of thinking. I speak English, French, Portuguese and Russian. Next I want to learn Turkish, Hungarian, and Icelandic. I love to sing, dance, draw, read fairy tales, and watch puppet shows. I lived in Vladimir for 9 months in 2011 and 2012. I’m super excited to return and share my love of languages.