William Murawski, преподаватель английского языка

Муравски, Уильям Дэниел, Университет Лихай, бакалавр гуманитарных наук, курсы подготовки преподавателей «i-to-i», сертификат на право преподавания английского языка как иностранного TEFL, TESOL

Привет еще раз! My name is William Murawski (Вильям Муравский). I have just finished my first year in the American Home and I am very excited to continue my stay here in Vladimir! For those of you whom I haven’t met, please allow me to introduce myself: I grew up in Vermont, which is located in the northeast of the U.S. not far from Canada. Yes, we have more snow than you do!! In 2012, I graduated from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania with a degree in International Relations and Russian language. In my free time I enjoy listening to music (and trying to play the guitar), reading short stories, spending time with friends, and traveling. See you around the American Home!