Zachary Smith, преподаватель английского языка

Smith, Zachary John, University of Rochester

Hello everyone! My name is Zach Smith, and I am from a small town in Delaware.  I went to the University of Rochester and majored in International Relations and Russian, which has been my passion for the past couple of years.  I started learning Russian by chance, but it soon became one of my favorite subjects.  I studied in St. Petersburg twice, and traveled a small bit in Western Russia, and decided that I wanted to explore the historic countryside.  I have had a wide variety of jobs and experiences, from working on a sod farm to helping open a restaurant .  A year ago I worked at an old fort that served as a prison during the American Civil War, and started reenacting as a soldier there.  I really enjoy talking and teaching about history, which I hope to continue here in Vladimir.  I also really enjoy Irish dancing, reading, and hiking in the countryside.  I am very excited to meet all of you